1884 Dec. Citizens and business men of Montgomery & Bullock Co., Ala.

Hon. W. C. Jordan, Bullock Co. Rep. RE Branscomb, harness maker. Mrs. REB, confectioneries. JB Tarver, merchant and farmer. C. H. Franklin, MD. HH Smith, merchant; GA Orum, merchant; Orum and Salter, merchants; Albert S. Dix, teacher; WM Thornton, farmer; Bethume & Co., merchants. MANY OTHER NAMES! City Taxes are due. Wm. H. Smith City Treasurer

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1884 Dec. Citizens and business men of Montgomery & Bullock Co., Ala. - To IToti. 0. 8, Troy, 8entor, nnd Hon. nraiiim...
To IToti. 0. 8, Troy, 8entor, nnd Hon. nraiiim .loiiex, jtweon, wney ana Hunter. K pretmntatlve In General Assembly from uonttoinerv oountr W'i: the Ulidcmiulied OltiunS Of Mimigoniery ot iintv, in the State of Alabama, have notea wun some oon-oern proposed legislation affecting rail roads. Our experience has taught ui that no nxed rules can ue maue wnicn win all times determine Justly, rates frelirht between any two points. This Is especially true of inter-state commerce. The laws of competition and of trade alone Influence and control the adjust ment of rates. The past has clearly demonstrated that the tnanairurs of railroads recog nize these inlliiences, and all localities are orlveu the benefit of them. In Alulmma iWDGciallV. do we recoR- nine the areat benefits to be derived from railroads. In order that all the industries Ai.-dmma. whether in Iron, coal, nianu fHctnrlnir. lumber, lime, vegelahlex, mercantile, cotton or other agricultural products may lie luiiy ueyeiopeu, wt think it demonstrated that our beat in terests lie in leaving the transporta tion linos of the State free to act. witn nut heino- subject to the controlling In fluence of lixed laws, which In the na ture of thlugs, cannot foresee necessi ties which must ariso rroin time time, owing to the various and peculi; entiiliUons at different periods. to Wo believe it Is lietter to let thfl matter of rates of freight rest entirely in the h inds of transportation lines, especially so until such time as tho general irovernment may see fit through Its Congress to attempt some advisory control over the same. We therefore respectfully urge upon voiir Honorable body not to enact any law which will Interfere with tho freti-dom of commerce, and to ask that )ou use every effort to prevent the passage of (lending or similar tuns. K. Hiw.drv goods. Montgomery. M. Melntyre.dry goods, Montgomery T. S. Madigan, grocer anu produce Montnomorv. " - W. W. HerronA Uro., grocer and pro duce, Montgomery. Itoswald Stall, grocers, Montgomery. Knowles & Warner, dry good, Mont- gomerv. (). Burke, crockery. Montgomery, S. E. Hirscher, Music Emporium, Montiromerv. Nicrosi Bros., confectioneries, Mont gomery. J. C. Farriss. clerk. Montironwry. G. L. Werth & Co boots and shoes, Montiromerv. W. A. McHryde, drugs, Montgomery C. L. Savre. tax paver. Montgomery. John It. Henry, physician, Mont-Joel White, books and stationery, Montgomery. A. Seligman, liquors and cigars, Montgomery. It. i . Nix. inarblo yard. Mongomery. Liiienthai & Gassenheimer, clothiers, Montgomery. A. Moo, li(uor dealer, Montgomery, M. II. Stuart, grocer, Montgomery. J. W. Linderman, rod dealer, Montgomery. J. &'T. Davidson, grocers, Montgom ery. M. A. Westcott & Co, grocers, gomerv. W. P. Burke & Son, grocers, ifomerv. V. Stciner & Bro., grocers, gomery. S. Loeb, erocer, Montgomary. Mont- Mont-Mont- Lmle& Dreyfus, general mcrchan dise, Montwomery. M. Mohr & Uro.. general merchandise Montgomery. Gerson & Winter, general merchan dise, Montgomery. J. W. A. Jackson, hardware, . Mont iromerv. I. Dreyfus &Co.,gencral merchandise Montgomery. Henry Simon, general merchandise Montgomery. W.B. Flinn, merchant, Hope Hull. Alabama. C, S. Anderson, cotton buyer. J. T. Fornian, farmer. H. Stern & Son, merchants. 1'. L. Cowan, merchant. Lewis Sessions, President Bullock County Hank. Jas. i . Martin, farmer, fielder & Co., warehouse. W. W. Kaimer. merchant. J. U l'ltts. bank teller. M, B. Houghton, Vice-President Bul lock County liank. B. E. Branscomb, harness maker, Mrs. R. E. Branscomb, confectioner ies. Rolierts A Salter. T. J. Walker, farmer. G. M. Hanson, merchant. T. E. Boykin. J. B. Hunter, City Councilman. A, J. Slaughter. C. A. Hightower, farmer. G. W. Ileynolds, farmer. 1). S, Strickey, livery stable. 1). S. Parker. J. II. Walker, proprietor Union Springs stables. S. v. Harris, CltyMarshal. Hon. James T. Norman, Senator: Hon .1. H. Ileynolds and W. C. Jordan Ilepresentatives from Bullock county ino unuersignisl citizens and imsl ness men of liiillock county have learned that efforts arc being made to nave tne existing i-gisiature pass laws to comer on tne Itailroad Uommission power to control tho management of railroads in this State: and to retrnlalc the Interstate commerce of Alabama. We have not seen the bills which have been introduced for that purpose, but we desire to express to you our oppo 1- tion to enlarging tho authority of the commission, or investing in any throe men such immense power over so much property and such great interests. Therefore, wo erneslly request you to oppose all legislation calculated to dis turb friendly relations between the railroad companies and the people of Alabama. S. J. Foster, merchant. Feilder & Cowan, mi reliant. J. F. Learv. cashier Bullock Couutv isaiiK. J. B. Tarver, merchant and farmer. II. B. Walker, merchant. J. D. Harris, merchant and farmer. C. H. Franklin, M. D. J. L. Moultrie, farmer. Blue lbunsey, merchants. AV. C. Bowers, merchant, K. Waugh, merchant. . A. Miles, merchant. L. N. Jenks, merchant. liolicrt E. Lee. merchant. J. A. I'aiilk. druecist and hardware merchant. .W.C.Wilson. . .,. , Anderson & Harnett, grocers. 1 L. Bernheimer, merchant. William Kosenslihl, merchant. II. G. llosenstihl, millinery dealer. Fra.er, Bros. & Co., merchants. P. II. Foster, farmer. W. A. Currv. proprietor Pullum House. -,: ; W. II. Jones & Bro.,grocers. " i W. M. Stakely. Jr.. merchant and banker. , ; G. A. Carmichael, nierchiint : , J. M. Kills, merchant. Hayes & Brodruggist. D. Humph, merchant. F. S. Weeins, farmer. II. F. Parker, merchant. - j II. II. Smith, merchant ' i D. I). Kichardson, merchant. - ' '. J.J. Fort, carriage maker. It. L. Williams, farmer. ,-i f J. F. Harmon 4 Son, farmers. -'. T. C. Lester, farmer. T. . Barksdale, merchant, . " t B. D. Pitkin, market. N.B. Powell, city clerk. ' E. '1 roupe Handle, fanner. ' t-1 i tCt E. II. Cope, farmer. ... ; A. It. Ilogers, farmer. Henn. li Dawson, fanner. , C. H. Ilaynes, clerk. ; ! D. Sheppard, book joepcr. J. R DiUard, book keeper. McCall and Chapman, editors of Herald. W. E. Pierce, merchant, i H, C.Youngblood, jailor, " ... . G. A. Orum, merchant, , Oriim & Salter, merchants, O. W.Martin, farmer, J. B. Baumont, merchant, Watklns & Harvey, druggist, Albert a Dix, teacher. W. M. Thornton, farmer. ' " : V W. A. Mc Andrew, cotton buyer and broker, . ... -i. ' . " K. . Wright, merchant. P. U.Coleman, warehouseman, ' " James II, Johnson, farmer. ' . N. I, Iee. cotton shipper. -' " T. IL Mabson, Jr. , . -'-" " lion. Jas, Norman, Senator, and Honor- abies J. u, ueynowa ana W, u Jor- j dan. ni'prtwnUtlves fntn Bullock couutyi ... ,,: , . Tha im leHgnod cltlrens nnd busl ness men of Inverness aim uiiiuk county r"peotlul!y petition y.m to o- pow nil jrgisia ion loeKing towaru tne enlargement of the power already vested In the railroad Commission of Ala bama, and to antagonize any bill to that effect thst would tend to disturb the friendly relations between the railway companies and the people of' Alabama. J. A. Sells, merchant. -Bethune A Company, merchants. ' J. W.Crossnvj merchant. -Cross A Lock, merchants. '' ' CITY TAXES arc duo and will bevom delinquent if not paid In tho month of December VVM. II. SMITH, City Treasurer. novSO bm i ' , A. A W. The liuest slo.k of druirs. toilet aitl- cles and cigars in the city at Adams weuers. ...... - ,:, . .- See Thomas, the mosiiierisl-, at Mo uouaiu s to-night if you wish to laugh, aud llartzinan the conjurer, if you'd ue nsvunisneu. , , Ilobse Servant Wniittd. A reliable white woman, well rts'oin mended, can tlnd iirolitalileciuployineiil as hoiiso servant, (Catholic preferred), ny applying ut resilience ot D.S.TUOY, ' doeti-ct. T 1KJ8 Adams Si . A line smoke Beposo cigar. S cent i Adams AWebkii. Otto SUielker, tail ' Jfilrellcr, h:ni nearly completed the Improvements In his handsome store under Exchange llote and expects in a day or two to mako splendid display of Christ mas and ltrt- dal I resentH, consisting of Diamonds, Itlch Jewelry, WaU-hes, Silver Wan Clocks, and Bronzes. Mr. Stoelki hopes to have a call from his f riend and Intending purchasers of goods his line, and promises lowest prices tne marKet. Carry voiir prescriptions to Adams Welier, Court street anu Dexter avenue Every one at-tendinir lu-niaht at McDonald's will Iwglven a Christmas present free. Hartzman's Novelty Troupe. Furniture, flour, class ware, chin albums and 600 other . articles given away to-night at MclkuiaW s .liy t-hi Hartzmann Combination free of charge. Two hourxof fun and excite ment. Admission: liecerveit seats rents; all other parts of tho house cents. Scats now on sale at the House, Secure scats eatlv For Bent. By week or month, two large furnished rooms in private family, with without lioard. Centrally located am convenient to throe lines ot ears going and coming from reposition. Apply to Aol Constance street, mew Orleans, La. , , tr Coke. We are exclusive agents for the sale of the Montgomery Gas Company's Coke. (WAMKKits Hitfw, Capital City Mills. Telephone 17. septi;-i!m, Chilicnncarnc. The celebrated Mexican dish just n ceivedat J. M. C a itn A Co. New ArrivnlH. At .. si. ;arr ill t o choice raisins. citron, currents, iellicw, preserv, ednin ann pineapple cneese, chilieoncain tish roe :md all kinds of meats. Dr. Hoyl's new remedy for rheumatism and neuralgia is for saic at Irvin, uarsiae x Alexander s. CALLED SEE The larjrent Hlork orChriMiniMN I'anla in th eliv, nt HOLT A ORAWHHtH'S Dr. Hoyl's remedy for rheumatism and neuralgia is a quick and certain cure. ' Try the Mexican dish ehiliconearne nt J. M. CAitu A Co, Something new on the market chili eon-came at J. M. CAitu A Co, New Arrivals. The very liest flour, pure leaf lard. celebrated Campbell Brown butter, J. M. Carr A Go's.- ' Wood. We keep constantly on hand a larire supply ol sawed and spilt seasoned oak and Hickory wooii. UHAMKRKK KltOH. . Capital City Mills. Sept. I3.-6ra. , Tijephoue 171 Fish lUte, Fish Roc. Just received at - 3. M. CAitu !tCo. A iMVgt) Stuck of Beautiful Gift Books, Juvenile Jfcioks, Photograph Albums, Scrap Hooks, Writing Desks, Work Boxes, ,. Fine Box Papers, etc., at - Hoi.t A Cbawkohu's. Onlent by mail, will receive carefid attention, Allred Bros, Book and Job Printers, 208 Court street. We do all kinds of Job printing, such as bill-heads, letter heads, statement heads, note-heads, en velopes, mortgages, rent notes, waive notes, county blanks, and documents. theatrical and show dates, three-sheet posters, in colors, hand-bills, excursion mils, hangers, dodgers, circulars, cards and minutes tor churches. In-laws and constitutions.. -We aba furnish esti mates ror running newspapers, weekiv or daily, for $5. am. Wanted. Immediately, ladles and o-lrls to do light, pleasant and profitable work at home, wages from ifi to iupcr week. Call at McDonald's Opera House. urstuigut, ; ti Notk-e, Notice. , One thousand bushels of irenulne Alabama raised rust proof oats: for sale. Chambers Bros., Corner Perry and Jefferson Streets. ; Notice. Notice. Notice. Coal sold by the barrel at . , -C G. Abkucbomhie, Corner Perry and Monroe streets. Fish Roe just arrived at ' '.-.-J. M. Caub A Co. All epicurta take -notice chili-con- came and Ush TonstTwservwl at " ' , ' j ,J.U.VABB CO - We iruarautee our Cotd in everv re spect equal to any sold in this - market. . UUAHRKS JSUOS Capital City Mills. : Telephone 171.' septl&6m. Block WoetLt I have a -new patont ttwwhine which saws the wood any length desired und loads the: wagni at the Mane time. Every 'ami: measured ImOh-u sawirur. The public' generally are cordially in vited to cau auu see it in operation. octiatr t y ju, u. ABKitcupiBiit. '. '; To the lblie. r ' '' ( : H. A. Lordess offers for sale a choice assortment of fresh meat daily. Prompt attention and good weight given to all. Telephone nf.-" ' i.-'

Clipped from
  1. The Montgomery Advertiser,
  2. 10 Dec 1884, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • 1884 Dec. Citizens and business men of Montgomery & Bullock Co., Ala. — Hon. W. C. Jordan, Bullock Co. Rep. RE Branscomb, harness maker. Mrs. REB, confectioneries. JB Tarver, merchant and farmer. C. H. Franklin, MD. HH Smith, merchant; GA Orum, merchant; Orum and Salter, merchants; Albert S. Dix, teacher; WM Thornton, farmer; Bethume & Co., merchants. MANY OTHER NAMES! City Taxes are due. Wm. H. Smith City Treasurer

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